About Us

  Nikam Iron Sintered Products Pvt. Ltd.

Nikam Iron Sintered Products Pvt. Ltd.
founded in 2009 by highly experienced group of technnocrats. And set up a modern powder metallurgy unit to manufacture iron and stainless steel P.M. components applied in automotive, home appliances, electric power tools and others.

• We have existing ultra tool making facility of a group company, which includes precision CNC wire cutting, EDM, EDM drilling, CNC turning, VMC supported by other general Machines
• We can produce PM components from 1 gram to 1 Kg. with volume 1000 Nos. to 1 lakh quantity on monthly basis. We are adopting quality systems like ISO.
• We have compacting capacity from 5 T to 200 T
• We have the ability to deliver cost effective parts on time and at competitive prices.

  Our Parent Company -   Nikam Sintered Products Pvt. Ltd. was established in year 1997.

Our company is specialized in producing exclusively Sintered Bronze Bushes having wide range of applications such as Kitchen Mixer Grinders, Blenders, Juicers, Air Conditioners, Automobiles etc.
Production flexibility and attention to customers requirements with efforts towards ongoing improvements resulted into backward integration. Now we produce powders of Tin, Copper, Zinc, and then produce Sintered Bushes. So we challenge to supply quality bushes at attractive prices.

Application Areas
Our wide range of Sintered Bronze Bushes are used for manufacturing of :
• Home Appliances
• Wiper Arm
• Wind Shield Washing Motor
• Starter Motor

Manufacturing Facilities
The tools necessary for compaction, sizing & machining fixture are designed & constructed in our Tool Room which has all the machinery needed for advanced tool making. This ensures both quality and delivery deadlines.

Our modern machinery ensures that our tools are made in exact compliance with specifications & also our own production of tools guarantees greater Flexibility as per the changes.